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Alfred Jay Nock: Equality is an “utterly untenable popular perversion” Alfred Jay Nock: Equality is an “utterly untenable popular perversion.” 

Themodernconservativemovement,specificallyitslibertarianneoliberalwing,hasitsmodern-daypopstars,grandmastersandphilosophicalpillarswhohaveformedandprovidedcleardirectionandshapetoitsdoctrinesandbeliefs.Someofthemaremorewellknownthanothers.William F. Buckley,Jr.,AynRand,MurrayRothbard,LewRockwell,RonPaul,HayekandvonMises,etcetera.Someoftheselibertarianpillarsoriginatefromthemoreobscurepast,yetstillcastsaninfluentialshadowwellintothe 21stcentury.AlfredJayNockmaynotbeaswell-knowntodayashewasduringthemiddleofthe 20thcentury,buthisinfluencewasprofoundduringhislifetimeasanauthor,socialcritic,educationaltheoristandanarcho-capitalist,andhisthoughthasbecomeembeddedintothephilosophicalDNAofthemodernlibertarian-neoliberalmovement.


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Money Matters

Prof. Pauline Park –

I don’t want to open the Israeli debate, it’s tiring, self-evident and beyond arguing.

The Israeli occupation of the West Bank is indefensible, and the existence of Israel itself is a blip in the Matrix demanding that its existence be legitimized while the apartheid and the ethnic cleansing goes on. It is a case of psychopathic/schizophrenic behavior at its best.

I highly recommend the documentary ‘Jaffa’ – on the birth of Israel, an amazing portrait of exploitation and deceit and of how the lives of people of all creeds, who used to be able to live and work together, have been torn apart by some who were more interested in grabbing land and rights for themselves than in common, civil, community living that worked for all. It shows as well the extent of the Propaganda that has been employed since its fictional creation, to support…

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Living Income Guaranteed


“Liberalism is a theory in economics emphasizing individual freedom from restraint and usually based on free competition, the self-regulating market and the gold standard; in political terms it denotes a belief in progress, the essential goodness of the human race, and the autonomy of the individual and standing for the protection of political and civil liberties” (‎).

1. JahreDesAufbausInOstUndWest_plakatErhardSozialeMarktwirtschaft

Austerity-is-not-working - LIG

  • the reduction of legal regulations for the private economical sector
  • reduced taxation of big income earners
  • austerity programs within the social state such as health, education and culture
  • no tariff security and secure jobs and positions
  • subsidization of corporate power and banking powers

Greece Greek Bailout LIG

Office Bully Bulying Profit Driven Societies LIG


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It’s Sunday morning and I’m sitting hereenjoying the sites of fresh fallen snow and the aroma of the vegetable broth brewing on the stove (my partner and I started it first thing when we woke up this morning) and also the smell of a roaring fire just outside my window that my partner just got going. All of it, for me, makes for the perfect day.

So, not to sound all ‘scent’imental’, lol, no pun intended, but I’m realizing more and more how life begins when we begin to develop an awareness of our personal responsibility to become accountable for how our world exists. To educate oneself to understand what it takes these days to survive in this world so to be able to enjoy the simplest of things. For example, what does one have to do/be/become in order to have a warm home in which to enjoy the

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an alcoholics journeytolife

 1378175_247863385367125_1424571162_nContinuing From Day 231: Anger and Hate 1
                            and Day 234: Healing Anger  2
Statements of Commitment to Change and Living the Change
When and as I see myself thinking, ‘‘I hate that man, he used me, he almost killed me’ or going into thought patterns around this issue, I stop and breathe. I make sure I look to see what brought on the thought and the actual reason for the anger and not follow the energies of blame and superiority but remain and focus on what is before me in the physical. I realize the anger comes from me not growing up and facing life in reality. I also realize this is my fear of speaking up (I suppressed many thoughts/emotions/questions when I was seeing this person because I did not like what I heard the times I did…

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“…for men change their rulers willingly, hoping to better themselves, and this hope induces them to take up arms against him who rules: wherein they are deceived, because they afterwards find by experience they have gone from bad to worse. This follows also on another natural and common necessity, which always causes a new prince to burden those who have submitted to him with his soldiery and with infinite other hardships which he must put upon his new acquisition.” – Niccolò Machiavelli
























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My Dad, The Devil:





dare to live for real
and fix reality to be worthy of you and all other beings here  (2008)


















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