My name is Manuela, I am a member of the Desteni group, which is focussed on creating a world where every human being counts. Not just humans, but all living things. The process to get there is two-fold, it is an inner process which we walk through a practice of self-forgiveness and conscious breathing. It is an outer process where we are working towards changing the system of monetary inequality to one of equality, through an equal money system (EMS).

In my process, to better understand the deceptions we all live, I have created this blog to support myself and others in understanding the world from the perspective of equality. In this blog I focus on culture, I will be writing about people, language and art. My task is to point out to myself the various, often latent, symptoms of inequality that govern our lives in conjunction with these two topics. I aim to illustrate how unacceptable our system is and how it will be different in an equal money system.

Understand the basics of Desteni and equality:

It is important to understand that changing the current monetary system to one of equal money is an evolving process, for ongoing updates and more information:


Lastly, we are an open group, and because we are based on equality and what is best for all, anyone is invited to join. So join us, don’t delay to take responsibility for yourself and all those who come after you!