Inspired by desteni - a Yogi's Journey to Life

tenseThis eqafe interview about insecurity is awesome, how “not knowing or I don’t know” activates insecurity and within that disempowerment. Parents tend to shout and scream at children when they themselves ‘don’t know’ how to deal with something, in that training the children to respond in like manner later on. I can relate a lot to this interview. I mean many times I have gone into ‘disempowerment.’ and in that making others superior, because I didn’t know the details of the moment/conversation/subject etc. Back in school days, this was even worse because if you didn’t know or couldn’t answer the teachers, you will get beaten up, none of these polite sit down one on one discussion/counseling sessions etc, and similar thing at home as well, where parents have no clue how to deal with you, shouting is the only way.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself…

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