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I went to a museum yesterday. I was originally planning on looking only at Ron Mueck’s sculptures, but ended up spending more time looking at two photography exhibitions.  I decided to write about this even though in my mind there are thoughts of ‘Oh you’ve written about this topic several times already,’ but I certainly require to debunk and expose for myself the exact thoughts experienced when looking at photographs. This is then to expose another part of the personality that I created for myself as a ‘sensitive person’ to images that I have defined as ‘art’ and experiencing at times that ‘no one could feel what I could feel’ when looking at an image. This was more prominent in the past and it was also experienced when listening to particular music or reading particular books – in essence when consuming another’s expression.

The ‘Artist’ personality

The memory that comes…

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Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy is the buzz on the internet today. Some say she’s heroic, other’s are asking how heroic is it when one has the money to buy a network of the finest surgeons. Personally, I see her decision as a common one amongst those who, like her, have the Money to afford such an option.
angelina jolie
The truth is, having both breasts, or any member of one’s physical body removed, would have to be a completely horrifying experience. In my case, removal of both my breasts was suggested, but, having read years of research and cancer statistics, I was surprised to learn that there have been reports of an actual 4% increase in survival rate among those with cancer who went untreated.

We refer to the miracle of preventative medicine instead of pointing out the obvious truth about preventative medicine which is that there is No preventative medicine unless…

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Living Income Now

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The Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan is home for 160,000 refugees who have escaped the brutal Syrian civil war. 6,000 people arrive a day (Getty Images)

The number of refugees has dramatically increased over the past three years with almost 60 million people migrated from their homes in 2014 — 40 percent more than in 2011. There exists a false perception that the majority of the immigrants to Europe are economic migrants. But they are not: they flee as desperate asylum seekers, not economic migrants. They flee persecution and human rights abuses.

The main countries of origin are Syria, Eritrea, Somali and Afghanistan while millions are being driven out of the Sudan, Yemen, Iraq, and Lebanon. The Syrian civil war, instigated by the United States and its Arab allies in 2011 has caused more than 3.5 million people over the border with an additional 7.5 million people within Syria having…

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what's stopping you

a cancer patient podcast or something like that


For Further Context: Day 292: Calling the Beast by it’s Name – Breast Cancer – How to Stop Emotional Fear Energy – Day 44

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Inspired by desteni - a Yogi's Journey to Life

tenseThis eqafe interview about insecurity is awesome, how “not knowing or I don’t know” activates insecurity and within that disempowerment. Parents tend to shout and scream at children when they themselves ‘don’t know’ how to deal with something, in that training the children to respond in like manner later on. I can relate a lot to this interview. I mean many times I have gone into ‘disempowerment.’ and in that making others superior, because I didn’t know the details of the moment/conversation/subject etc. Back in school days, this was even worse because if you didn’t know or couldn’t answer the teachers, you will get beaten up, none of these polite sit down one on one discussion/counseling sessions etc, and similar thing at home as well, where parents have no clue how to deal with you, shouting is the only way.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself…

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